What our clients say about

“DuPont has relied on to quickly and easily assess our rail rates and in the process, identify those that do not meet our reasonableness’ standard. has served us well as a valuable negotiating tool.”

Kevin G. Acker, DuPont

“We use all day, every day.  So much information all in one place; it's a real time saver.”

Bert Skarbek, Lumbermen's Merchandising Corporation

“It's a user friendly "no-brainer" purchase for anyone shipping commodities by rail.”

Phillip R. Bedwell, OmniSource Corporation 

made it easy for us to analyze over 150 lanes, quickly providing railroad miles, costs, operating margins, and revenue to cost ratios (RVCs). We now have a much better handle on where we stand for upcoming negotiations.”

Dan Cahill, Air Liquide

“My IT department gave me a new PC recently and I was without for a few days; I had contract renewals pending and I felt like I was flying blind without it. I called the Help Desk and they got me back up and running ASAP.”

Curt Warfel, AkzoNobel

“The best rail costing tool keeps getting better and the benefit far outweighs the modest cost of the software.  We have and will continue to use USRDT in our negotiations and to determine our competitiveness in markets in a rapidly changing environment.”

Thomas Waskiewicz, Ingredion

“One neat package that saves us time and money. It puts accurate information from multiple sources at our users' fingertips so they can effectively develop high-level logistics projects or detailed revenue and market analysis."

Diane Elhakim, Evonik Degussa Corporation